Playboy Magazine

"High Speed Net Connections"

The rich aren't like you or me, and neither are their love loves. Responding to a well-publicized dating crisis (there are 70 single men for every 30 available women in Silicon Valley; in New York the demographics have reversed: where the number of single men and women are now about even with a big chunk of the dating pool - people ages 30-44 years, being slightly tipped in the women's favor).

Kelleher International matches successful and rich individuals that have marriage and mansions on their minds. Like Los Angeles multimillionaire and Kelleher client Dennis, whose noble intentions include. "looking for a girl who will keep me interested." Between running three businesses, meeting with patent lawyers to discuss his inventions, surfing, flying his private jet (he sent us pictures) and raising two children from a previous marriage," he says he just doesn't have the time to go to bars. (No Bars?)

With over 3000 clients nationally, including a former senator, producers, directors, venture capitalists, fashion designers and supermodels (everyone's afraid to ask the prettiest girls out), Kelleher doesn't accept a fee from just anyone. First a rep meets a potential client, interviews him, visits his workplace and sniffs his Armani to make sure he doesn't smoke.

Since their services are extremely personalized, membership rates reflect the number of introductions provided throughout a specified term. The rest is up to the number of matches per year, or until the client meets a girl with whom he can share caviar and Cristal for eternity.