Stop Watching the Kardashians

I don’t understand the fascination with Kim Kardashian’s recent marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries.  At best, it was a beautiful showcase for dresses, dinner settings and stunning honeymoons.  At Kelleher International we spend our days matching great singles and then helping them navigate the waters of emerging relationships and love.  From the summer wedding of Kate and William there are a million lessons of how real love can rise above the pomp and circumstance of a couple.  There are no lessons to be pulled from this wedding except that some people’s hunger for the spotlight sometimes pushes them to make bad decisions.

Certainly, I wish them both the best of luck.  But when they are back on the market (which I assume will happen in less than five years), I hope they call Kelleher International so we can connect them to life partners, no reality show co-hosts.