Second Date Signalling

You’ve made it through the appetizer, you’re halfway through the entree and things are going great.  The conversation is lively, he seems to be having a good time, he’s handsome and you’re already thinking about a second date.

How do you signal to him that you’d like to go out again?

At Kelleher International, one of our client roles is “relationship advisor” — serving as a sounding board and romance resource to our members.  One of our core tenets that serves as the foundation for a lot of our guidance is “be direct”.  One of the best ways to signal you’d like to have a second date is to say “this has been great, I’d love to do it again!”

If that’s not your style, or you’d rather participate a little more demurely in the courting, here are three ways to signal your interest:

Use Your Eyes: look into his eyes across the table, holds his gaze just long enough for him to notice, then quickly look away. This has the exciting feeling of being watched, and can spark or flame a man’s interest.

Use Your Hair: tossing your hair briskly from side-to-side (even if you have short hair), pushing your hair back over your ears and away from your face, anything that increases the ability to see your face sends a visceral signal to your would-be suitor that you are interested.

Use Your Voice: make “forward looking statements”, anything that references the two of you doing something in the future.  This can be as vague as “we would have a great time at Jai Alai” to more direct like “I’d love to take you on an unguided horseback trail ride through some Redwoods.”  Using forward-looking statements will slowly orient your amour’s frame of reference to “what’s next”.

Good luck and good signalling!