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How to Be the Nice Guy and Still Get the Girl

nice guys finish lastOne commonly accepted theory throughout the dating scene is that women are attracted to the “bad boy” type and, as a result, nice guys always finish last. In fact, last week we talked about this very phenomenon and discussed the types of men that women should avoid when looking for a serious relationship. It turns out that, while common perception makes it seem like nice guys are going out of style, the truth is that women want nice guys more than ever! Continue reading

5 Types of Guys to Avoid When You Want a Serious Relationship

looking for love avoid these types of men

One of the biggest complaints that women have when dating is that there seems to be so few genuinely nice guys out there. And there are a lot of complaints from the other side of the camp as well, that women always seem to date jerks while ignoring the really good guys. We have all heard the phrase, “Nice Guys Finish Last,” but this is not necessarily true. Continue reading

The Biggest Mistakes Couples Make in a New Relationship: Part 2


In last week’s post, Kelleher International discussed some of the ways that couples inadvertently sabotage their relationships early on in the romance. In the first stage of any relationship, it can be easy to get so overwhelmed and excited by the romance that you are tricked into thinking that things will remain perfect forever. However, without doing the necessary groundwork, any relationship can easily fall apart after the “honeymoon phase” fades away. Continue reading

The Biggest Mistakes Couples Make in a New Relationship: Part 1

The Biggest Mistakes Couples Make in a New Relationship

When two people first start seeing each other exclusively, they can feel as if they are living in a fantasy world where nothing can separate them. The “honeymoon phase” of a relationship refers to that exciting time where everything about the relationship is perfect. But like the calm before the storm, this early stage of a relationship is not likely to last, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that the happiness of the honeymoon phase is lost forever. However, if you make these mistakes at the start of your relationship, you may be risking an end to the fantasy as well as a messy conclusion to the relationship altogether.

When you first start dating a person, always try to avoid these fundamental relationship mistakes: Continue reading