It’s time for our annual Halloween Costume Round Up and 2011 looks like it is going to be spooktacular! We’ve collected some of our favorite couples costumes of the season and also put together some guidelines for costume selection whether you are haunting as a couple or solo apparition.

The two big themes this year, thanks to the movies and Will + Kate, are some great superhero and royalty costumes.

Costumes for Couples
Choose a couple-costume that is empowering as a couple – think Superman + Supergirl, not Snooki and The Situation from the Jersey Shore. Even better if the costumes loose some of their impact when you are apart, for example a Simon Cowell outfit (blue jeans, white t-shirt, buzz cut) comes alive when the Paula Adbul costume shows up.

Costumes for Singles
The guideline here is more “what to avoid”. Ladies, don’t go for the funny costume. Nowhere at the top of the first impression list is “hilarious”. Pretty, sexy, powerful, intelligent – all of these are bigger draws for men than ironic or sarcastic (which is what most funny costumes are). Gentleman, go for a costume that reflects characteristics that are extensions of your own. Robin Hood, Knight in Shining Armor, or superhero, not Homer Simpson or Darth Vader.