Great Coverage in the Nob Hill Gazette

Nob Hill is one of San Francisco’s original “Seven Hills” which sprung up in the rapid urbanization of the late 19th Century as an enclave of the rich and famous of the West Coast who built beautiful mansions with scenic views.  Early residents included Leland Stanford and gold rush tycoon James Flood.

To this day it remains a premiere neighborhood with beautiful real estate and timeless views.

This week Kelleher International was featured in an article titled “The Art of Perfect Pairing”.

Here’s an excerpt:

Kelleher and Associates’s world headquarters, founded by Jill Kelleher in 1989 and currently co-owned and run with her daughter, Amber Kelleher-Andrews, is located in Sausalito. The offices are functional, professional, welcoming, and user-friendly. Everyone in the office seems cheerful, courteous, and accommodating. One gets the sense that Jill could be not just a real life matchmaker, but also your best gal pal. Jill and Amber, a former actress, set up clients together with the business expertise of COO John Galloway. Kelleher has an international database that registers in the thousands and affiliate offices scattered throughout the United States and Europe. Considering that the company is one of the largest privately owned offline matchmaking companies in the country, it manages to project a sincere, personal, and intimate atmosphere. A professional staff does extensive intakes and profiling on prospective clients, but Jill and Amber’s intuition and people skills remain the strongest assets. They run a hands-on operation and are personally involved throughout the process. They work with physically fit, addiction free, accomplished, and serious relationship-minded clients who think within what they call the “reality range.”
“If Lovekeyboardsomeone is a five and they’re looking for a ten, it won’t work,” Jill states matter-of-factly. They confess that men are easier to work with than women because men simply want the basic facts, while women want to know more. Both sexes, however, are looking for that someone special with positive and supportive values— and are willing to pay for it. Membership begins at $10,000 and escalates depending on the length of the contract and requirements of the individual. If something doesn’t work out within the specified time, they have been known to stretch the contract. Kelleher and Associates are rumored to work with well-known celebrities and business CEOs, but mum’s the word. With a tagline of “exquisite matchmaking,” the company works hard to find the right fit, and success is measured one couple at a time.

This is a great window into our 24+ year tradition of wonderful matchmaking.  Thanks Serena!