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Jill & Amber

Why Are You Still Single?

kelleher why are you still single

Last month, the CEO of Kelleher International, Amber Kelleher-Andrews, moderated The Great Love Debate in San Diego. A unique and interactive event where renowned  love experts and San Diego singles came together to discuss, dissect and debate love and relationship, this year’s Great Love Debate asked the question, “Why are you still single?” It seems like most singles are actively trying to get out of a dating rut and find love, but somehow end up perpetually single. So why are you still single? Here are three explanations that may surprise you. Continue reading

3 Qualities Every Guy Needs to Get the Girl

kelleher matchmaking how to impress a woman

For many single attractive men who have trouble landing a long-term relationship, it can be frustrating to see beautiful women constantly adorn the arms of guys who, in your opinion, are not as handsome, successful or smart as yourself. Yet, when it comes to the type of guy that women choose for a serious relationship, you may be surprised to learn that attraction is more than just skin-deep. In fact, while there is obviously still a need for physical attraction in any relationship, women tend to rate personality traits higher than good looks on their list of “must-haves” for a future spouse. Continue reading

7 Things Guys Do That Sabotage Their Love Lives

Things Guys Do That Sabotage Their Love Lives

One common complaint we hear a lot from men in particular is that they don’t really know why their previous relationships failed. Generally, unless something really big happens to end a relationship, it can be difficult to diagnose the fatal flaw. Somehow, a break up occurs, and the guy is left reeling, wondering where he went wrong. To shed some light on this, here are seven common ways that men may sabotage a relationship without even realizing it. Continue reading